Modern Method Construction

Engineering the future of property development

Modern Method Construction is revolutionising the sector, employing light gauge steel frame technology to bring bespoke design, manufacture and delivery to the UK residential housing market.

It’s a simple fact that traditional forms of housing construction (into which we include modular) are outdated, environmentally harmful and costly. Modern Method Construction engineer houses and housing developments using light gauge steel frame technology, offering a complete, bespoke package to deliver a passive, fire resistant single home or multi-residential developments – saving money, time and offering individual design features not available anywhere else.

No other company in Europe presents such a complete package.

Why work with Modern Method Construction

Development cost savings

Up to 30% more cost effective, what does that do your GDV and profit line?


Significantly faster build programme delivering a much earlier return on investment

Sustainable & energy efficient

Low energy rating EPC (A) 105/100 and air tightness, 
x2 Passive, 
x10 Part L / Part P.

Reduced environmental impact

Eliminates requirement for concrete, no crane required, much reduced carbon footprint


You’re in control, make changes to individual units as you choose .


Strong and lightweight delivering sustainable units hundreds of years into the future.
MMC light gauged steel frames with drill

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