The benefits of Modern Method Construction

Bringing revolutionary change to the construction sector

By adopting unique methods and unique but simple thinking, MMC is pioneering change in the residential construction sector.

Getting developments done quicker, more cost effectively and with significantly less environmental impact than ever before, anywhere in the UK. Our light gauge steel frame is just the start, we deliver projects in their entirety, from initial design to completed development, MMC have your build process covered.


Cost Savings

Light gauge steel frame buildings carry up to 30% cost savings when compared to traditional forms of construction. There’s no need for foundations, so limited ground works and no concrete pad, rather our ultra-strong, durable homes sit on innovative, industrial screw piles before they are triple boarded, weather wrapped with Gore Tex, insulated, bonded and clad.



Unlike traditional forms of construction, including modular, we 3D print each house frame in sections at our factory using state-of-the-art technology. These sections are taken to site using low impact transport and can be locked together in less than a day. No matter the size of your development we can guarantee a quicker build programme than any other company in the UK.


Sustainable & energy efficient

MMC homes come with an EPC rating of A, which according to Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) your home will be given a SAP score of 100 or more. It will be of a highly energy efficient building standard, reducing energy bills and increasing acoustic insulation.

Reduced environmental impact

We all, or we all should care about our impact on the environment and the construction sector has been a huge contributor to increased carbon emissions for far too long. MMC, our ethos and construction methods changes this. We have a fraction of the impact of traditional build methods, contact us to find out more.


If you or your client want to make bespoke last minute changes to a design. No problem. A MMC light gauge steel frame is versatile and adaptable, like any form of construction there are limitations but we will work with you to get the best possible result.


Don’t read too much into the name ‘Light gauge’. This is still steel and once sections are locked together to form rooms, and entire houses they are ultra-strong with a life span of hundreds of years.
MMC light gauged steel frames

Summary Benefits of light gauge steel frame construction:

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