Re-engineering your new home extension

Are you considering a new home extension? Start by comparing light gauge steel frame against traditional construction options.

Would you like your home extension to be cheaper, quicker and with less mess?

MMC’s light gauge steel frame technology can be applied to all forms of construction including a residential home extension. Our methods mean your extension project will be delivered in less time for less money and without major upheaval to your garden or land, your neighbours will thank you also.

Unlike traditional forms of building work which rely on a concrete pad as a foundation, a MMC home extension sits on industrial grade screw piles. These provide the same strong foundations as concrete but are installed in just a few hours with minimal impact to your land. It also means your extension can start to be constructed the very same day.

Steel frame Technology
At the heart of any MMC home or extension is our pioneering light gauge steel frame technology. Upon sign off of your design, each component of the build is formed and shaped at our manufacturing facility before being transported to site. Once there is no need for cranes or scaffolding, instead each component is quickly locked into place by hand to form an ultra-strong frame.

Boarding, insulation & weather proofing
Your completed home extension frame is then triple boarded, super insulated and weather wrapped using high strength Gore-Tex to protect the building against the elements.

Windows and Doors
We will go to the market place to find you the best value for your windows and doors.  We do not partner with particular suppliers instead we shop around for the best quality at the price you can afford.

There are a huge range of cladding options to choose from for your home extension including traditional brick, render or wooden facings. Likewise any style of roof can be achieved.  So whatever form or style of extension that you are looking to achieve we’ll have a solution that is exactly right for you. 

The finished product is a perfect new home extension which will also be highly energy efficient and last for the lifetime of your home.

Other important considerations

Alterations to your existing building
More often than not you will also want to undertake adaptations to your existing property e.g. removal of walls, creation of new window/door openings, remodelling etc.  We know this can be stressful, particularly if you are living in the property at the same time, therefore through careful planning we will always look to minimise the disruption to you when we undertake these works.

Building Regulations
Your home extension will be designed and constructed to fully comply with Building Regulations.  We can manage all aspects of the Building Regulations process and shall provide you with a Building Regulations Approval Certificate at the completion of the build.

Our modern methods of construction are highly valued by the mortgage market as they inherently provide less risk for the lender.  You can sleep comfortably at night knowing that a Modern Method Construction home extension will add to the resale value to your property.

Building insurance is readily available for your Modern Method Construction extension.  Our form of construction means that it is much less likely that your extension will ever suffer subsidence or other forms of structural distress than would be the case if it were constructed with traditional forms of construction e.g. brick, block, concrete etc.

Considerate Contractors
We recognise that having the builders in is not necessarily an enjoyable experience.  We promise that we will always respect you, your property and your neighbours.  We will always work safely and conscientiously.

Want to learn more?

The MMC team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.
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