MMC’s truly disruptive approach to the construction sector 101

It's time for long overdue change in the U.K. residential construction sector

A recent article in U.S. Forbes Magazine described the ethos and approach taken construction company Dvele. Co-founders and brothers Kurt and Kris Goodjohn have taken a disruptive approach to the construction sector, the very same approach as MMC and concluded that traditional methods are outdated, costly and environmentally harmful.

It's time for a disruptive approach to the construction sector

Kurt is quoted as saying “we are disrupting an age-old industry and bringing it into the modern age. Our company contributes to minimizing the overall environmental impact of homes and enhances the way they function to benefit the health and wellness of occupants.”

This is exactly what MMC is doing here in the U.K. Whilst the detail of our methods may differ the ethos is the same. By taking a disruptive approach to the construction sector, namely the U.K. residential housing market MMC is pioneering change through the use of advanced technology. Like all disruptive players we may not be welcome by the advocates of traditional methods but that is something we are happy to confront head on.

What does disruptive innovation mean?

The term ‘disruptive innovation’ was first coined by Clayton M. Christensen, and refers to a new entrant into a market who, by applying alternative thinking and methods challenges the established players and brings changes to a sector. 

Examples of disruptive businesses are everywhere

Traditional television broadcasting has been turned upside down by the entry of Netfix whose streaming services and on demand approach have transformed the sector. UBER have taken the notion of ordering a taxi and made that process simpler, cheaper and above all more efficient for the customer by putting them in control. Even relatively new entrants to the grocery sector Aldi and Lidl have torn up the rule book and put customers wants first.

How Modern Method Construction is changing the U.K. residential construction sector

MMC is now applying the same disruptive approach to the construction sector, like Dvele we’ve re-engineered the house from the bottom up. We don’t use highly inefficient concrete foundations, we don’t need hugely polluting blocks and bricks. What we do is 3D print a house from light gauge steel in our low carbon factory, the components of which are taken to site using low impact transportation where they are locked together to form an ultra-strong frame which is triple boarded, insulated, weather wrapped, bonded and clad. The process is simple, quick and up to 30% less costly than traditional build methods.

A disruptive approach to the construction sector

The finished, Modern Method Construction product

The finished product is an ultra energy efficient house, which exceeds all the regulated stands for a passive home. This is key for many home owners who want to keep energy bills to a minimum, but what if the end user was a Housing Association tenant?  How important is saving on energy payments to those people in social housing or shared ownership? 

The U.K. Housing Crisis

It’s incredibly important and if the U.K. is going to solve this countries housing crisis we need to start looking for alternatives. MMC’s ethos and business model is based on bringing a disruptive approach to the construction sector, why? Because it’s so important to break the traditional expensive, time inefficient and environmentally harmful cycle which has purveyed for far too long.

And finally...

We left this until last but without sounding like a throw away all MMC houses are also fire resistant. Steel does not burn, insulation does not burn, weather wrapping does not burn, the cladding used does not burn, it’s literally impossible under normal domestic fire circumstances to burn a MMC house to the ground. Traditional construction methods which rely on lots of timber  however, well, we’ll let you draw your own conclusions. 

Let's make change happen, together

We all know that traditional methods of house building are outdated, cost far too much, take too much time and have such a harmful impact on the environment that things need to change. If this article has, as we hope piqued your interest in looking at real, viable alternatives for your next development, project, housing association location please get in touch, we’d love to talk to you.

Despite the naysayers we know we have an approach which can revolutionise the U.K. housing market and we are committed to doing just that.

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