How MMC methods differ from the less savvy modular construction approach

We feel it’s important that we bust a common myth. MMC does NOT operate in the modular construction market.

When first introduced to light gauge steel frame technology it’s something people often gravitate towards, but there are key differences, in fact the two methods are miles apart. Here we explain how we differ from modular constructors.

What is modular construction?

It’s important to understand what ‘modular construction’ means and the process by which houses are built. With modular construction methods entire sections such as walls and floors are constructed in a factory. Both interior and exterior finishes are applied as well as services and electrics. These sections are then transported, via heavy loader to site and locked together. Sounds good? However, we live in the UK and whilst we do have a few nice weeks of weather in the summer, on the whole our weather is inclement at the best of times. Back at the factory there is often not enough room to store completed sections inside and therefore those same sections are racked outdoors at the mercy of the elements. Even under canvas the weather will have an adverse effect.

When they arrive on site modular sections require a crane to lift them into place onto pre-prepared foundations. If the wind is blowing it is likely that the crane cannot operate and the modules are again exposed to the elements until such time that the crane can operate again. This is wasted time and money and increases the risk of damage to the modules. During the construction of a modular home all to often sections have to be cajoled into place with mechanical force, the ideal of simply bolting two sections together to achieve a seamless fit is far from reality. Ask any construction worker who has worked on a modular building and they will tell you the same.

How does Modern Method Constructions' house frame technology differ?

We use cutting edge technology to produce the galvanised light-weight steel components which will form the finished frame of a house. The key difference to modular construction is that the completed sections are not built in our factory instead they are built on site. Each individual length of shaped steel is stamped with a code during the shaping process to enable easy identification. Components are then taken to site ‘flat packed’ therefore without the need for high impact transportation.  Once on site they are locked together by hand, no expensive crane required. The process is extremely quick and the finished product is an ultra-strong engineered steel frame.

Not Modular Construction

MMC’s house frame foundations

Our ultra-strong engineered steel frames are located not on concrete foundations but instead on to engineered galvanised steel ground beams supported by MMC’s bespoke industrial strength screw piles. Screw piles are installed without needing to prepare the ground nor without needing to dig holes therefore soil (which might be contaminated) does not need to be taken off site. Our steel foundations  are quicker to construct than concrete and far less harmful to the environment but they still provide the same solid base. Our steel foundations can be built upon as soon as they are constructed so no need to wait around for them to ‘cure’. Our steel foundations don’t subside and are extremely long life (at least 100 years).

Finishing the build

Once the frame construction is complete it is then immediately sheathed with non-combustible high strength boarding and weather wrapped with self-adhesive Gore Tex to achieve instant water tightness. The frame is then super insulated, plumbing and electrics installed, sound proofed, bonded with a flexible polymer mortar and externally clad, all in a fraction of the time of a traditional build process and without the drawbacks of modular construction. What’s more the finished product is a bespoke, long life, energy efficient and fire resistant house.

So MMC does not use modular construction techniques at all, rather we use technology and proven methods to build homes quicker, that are more cost effective and far less harmful to the environment than any other construction company in the UK. Please contact us for more information.

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