Modern Method Construction offers route to solving the housing crisis

Successive governments have failed in solving the housing crisis or, it seems even get a grasp on the issue, particularly for families seeking affordable homes.

Although political, economic and in 2020, pandemic turbulence has disrupted the housing market in the past 4 years, the pressure to provide affordable homes continues to mount. The fact is that housing supply must rise above the current level of 222,000 homes per year in order to reduce critical demand.

In many respects, this has been recognized by the government this year, with some dramatic changes being made to planning which we outlined in a previous article: New Radical Planning Reforms to Boost No. 10’s ‘Project Build, Build, Build’.

What these reforms mean?

What these reforms mean in terms of efforts in solving the housing crisis is that developers are more likely to build for institutional investors and registered housing providers bulk-buying homes to let, rather than individuals.

This in turn will have an impact on the design and specification of new build as investors seek durability and consistency in order to control management costs. From a developers point of view using the latest techniques to provide fast and cost-effective delivery schedules will give them the edge when tendering for substantial house building contracts.

solving the housing crisis

MMC’s Innovative Construction Technology Steps Up to the Challenge

Modern Method Construction has a unique approach to house building that allows us to deliver bespoke projects more rapidly than any other developer in the UK. This will stand us in good stead to take a large slice of the significant residential construction set to be rolled out in regions where housing demand is at its most critical.

MMC builds homes in a completely revolutionary way, we 3d print entire house frames in light gauge steel which is formed into individual sections. The lightweight steel sections are easily transported to site, where they can be locked together to provide an extremely robust and durable frame.

The technology driven approach

Our high-tech approach also allows us to minimize environmental impact and reduce timescales by using industrial screw piles rather than digging traditional foundations. The house frame is then triple-boarded and weather wrapped using a waterproof, breathable Gore Tex membrane. After soundproofing and insulating, the structure is externally clad to deliver energy-efficient and completely fire-resistant homes in a fraction of the time it would take a traditional house builder.

London the First Region to Benefit from Planning Reforms

After the Prime Minister’s ‘build, build, build’ announcement in October, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was quick to outline his plans for a new generation of social housing for Londoners. The new £4 billion Affordable Homes Programme (AHP) for 2021-26 will build new safe, green, well-designed social housing, delivering on his ambition that high-quality homes shouldn’t be the preserve of the rich.

The AHP will run concurrently with the current 2016-23 programme, which has been extended by one year due to the pandemic, and together they will result in the delivery of 82,000 new homes from April 2021 onwards.

A safe, secure home

Sadiq Khan, said: “Despite significant progress over the last four years to build the homes our city needs, the reality is too many Londoners still can’t afford a decent home to rent or buy. This is why I have put the twin goals of affordability and quality at the centre of my new Affordable Homes Programme.”

“All Londoners deserve a safe, secure home with enough space to live comfortably, and private outside space to enjoy fresh air. I want to deliver a new generation of social housing in London that sets the standard nationally when it comes to excellent design, safety and sustainability.”

It is expected that other regions in the UK will be rolling out amended housing programmes following the planning reforms and MMC is ready to meet the challenge to meet critical demand.

Lightweight Steel Frame Housing the Perfect Remedy

Naturally, recent developments are great news for MMC’s construction techniques which offer not only rapid delivery but superior safety and sustainability. The fact that much of the initial work is completed off-site represents significant cost and time-savings to house builders.

We are even able to start construction on projects before a site has been acquired, which allows developers to save considerable time once the purchase has been completed. In traditional building methods, preparing a site for construction is time-consuming work. With MMC’s methods, there is no need to dig foundations as the structure is delivered in sections and simply fitted onto the ground beams which sit atop the screw piles.

If you would like more information about our technology-led approach to construction and how we are disrupting the industry, please call or complete the contact form.

Roxanne James
4th Dec 2020

MMC is set to enjoy considerable growth as disrupters in UK house building with the capacity to slash the time it takes to deliver highly sustainable and affordable homes. If you would like to know more about our unique approach to construction, contact us today.

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