How light gauge steel frame technology can help in solving the UK housing crisis

The UK Housing crisis is or should be a source of national embarrassment. So how can the use of light gauge steel frame technology help?

Here’s a fact from a report from homelessness charity Shelter, between the end of World War Two until the nineteen eighties we built around 126,000 social houses every year. In 2018 that number was just 6,463, the void is clearly massive. The same report goes on to state that in their opinion the UK needs to build 3.1million new social housing properties in the next 20 years or face an unprecedented homelessness problem in this country.

New approaches and new thinking

One way to start solving the UK housing crisis is to look at new approaches and techniques in the build process. Naturally you’d expect MMC to be taking part in the debate but we’re not alone. In an article published in November 2019 the Local Authority Building & Maintenance website looked itself at the use of light gauge steel frame technology to provide more affordable homes quicker that traditional construction methods.

Modernise or Die

Sighting the much acclaimed Farmer Review: Modernise or Die the article argues rightly that the use of methods and techniques being pioneered by MMC will save time and money, and should be of particular interest within the social housing sector. The UK housing crisis is not going to come anywhere close to being solved unless authorities adopt an open mind and look at the possibilities and advantages offered by light gauge steel frame.

Light gauge steel frame technology

The benefits of light gauge steel frame technology

So what benefits can light gauge steel frame technology bring, and how can it help to solve the UK housing crisis? In simple terms it boils down to cost and time efficiency. Light gauge steel frame houses cost up to 30% less to construct and take a fraction of the time to complete.

Outdated approaches which need re-thinking

Traditional building methods rely on what we believe to be outdated approaches. The use of environmentally harmful concrete as foundations of housing project is just one area which carries huge time inefficiencies. MMC houses dispense with this approach and instead use heavy duty screw piles to form foundations on to which our light gauge steel frames are locked.

Time is money

A concrete foundation for one house can take weeks to create, whereas setting the screw piles for a single house is achieved in less than a day, meaning MMC can start construction right away. It’s a simple fact that saving time also saves money. It doesn’t matter how large your construction team is on site, they are still getting paid the same amount of money, what matters is how long that same team remains on site.

Doing more with less

Light gauge steel frame technology can have a huge impact on the construction of social housing. Allowing housing associations to do more with less, if a project has a £5 million budget that can be stretched by up to 30% which in turn could mean a greater provision on the same plot.

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