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A Revolution for UK Housing Associations

Would your Housing Association like to – DO MORE WITH LESS? 

‘A revolution for Housing Associations’, yes it’s a bold claim but one which we stand by unreservedly. For too long your Housing Association has relied on high environmental impact, traditional construction methods coupled with soaring costs and extended project programmes which all too often are delayed time after time.

MMC are changing the face of residential construction by combining innovative techniques and the latest technology. Our house frame and foundation approach reduces costs, saves time and massively reduces environmental impact.

Cost savings of up to 30% for Housing Associations

The UK housing crisis cannot be solved with a traditional approach. Together we can do more with less, your budget is set and traditional construction limits the stock levels you can achieve with that budget. By partnering with MMC your budget will go much further, up to 30% further in fact. Enabling you to provide more homes for people and families in your catchment.

Vastly reduced build programmes

Time is always an issue on any development, other than cost it’s the single biggest contributor to the housing shortage we now face. MMC have overcome the time barrier and removed weather risk by combining techniques which eliminate the need for many of the time heavy components of a traditional build process.

Environmental Impact - down

You have a duty to reduce the environmental impact of any new scheme. But traditional methods produce hundreds of tonnes of carbon, use dirty materials and require large plant to fulfil the project. MMC’s methods carry a light environmental impact from A to Z of the process, and your finished development will comprise A rated energy efficient homes which will massively reduce utility usage of your residents, but cost you nothing more.

If your Housing Association is looking to do more with less, cut costs, save time, increase stock levels and have a reduced impact on the environment. Call MMC.

MMC light gauged steel frames

Benefits of light gauge steel frame construction:

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