About Modern Method Construction

Modern Method Construction is revolutionising the residential house building sector with its disruptive business model and approach to construction.

With a combined experience of over 100 years, the senior management team are a combination of chartered structural and electrical engineers, software specialists and visionary construction professionals, underpinned by sound financial stewardship and cutting edge marketing ability. It’s this blended, all round skill set which sets MMC apart.

For the first time in the UK (if not Europe) there is now a company which not only applies progressive technology to the sector but has also packaged together every necessary additional element to get your project or projects off the ground.




We are also property developers in our own right, applying our unique, bespoke approach to projects from single units to large developments.

Our model means we can deliver bespoke projects quicker than anyone else in the UK. We are not in the modular market, rather we 3D print entire house frames from light gauge rolled steel, which is shaped to form individual lightweight sections. These sections are easily transported to site and when locked together form an ultra-strong, hard wearing, durable frame sitting, not on traditional foundations, but industrial screw piles thus minimising environmental impact. The frame is then triple boarded, weather wrapped with Gore Tex, insulated, sound proofed, bonded with a flexible polymer mortar and externally clad, all in a fraction of the time of a traditional build process. What’s more, the finished product is a bespoke, passive, energy-efficient and fire-resistant house.

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MMC Frame cad machine